The M. K Morse Company has had an excellent partnership with Dynamic Sales for 20+ years. As a family owned business as well, The M. K Morse Company appreciates the integrity, professionalism and commitment to excellence in the quality of the products and services that Dynamic Sales consistently provides to the marketplace. I have known Jim personally for many, many years. He ranks among the few in the “best of the best” when it comes to living out his values while building a successful business. On behalf of The M. K. Morse Company, we thank Jim Henderson and his team at Dynamic Sales for being a valued partner with us and look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial business relationship.

— Kim Reynolds, Director of Commercial Sales, THE M. K. MORSE COMPANY

For nearly 30 years, my business association with Dynamic Sales has exceeded all expectations. Efficient, professional, cordial, dependable, fair, and indeed, just plain NICE, all describe Jim Henderson and the Dynamic Sales Team. It has been an honor to know and work with such a loyal organization. Wishing you another 50 years! You have our heartfelt Congratulations and well deserved respect.

— Terri Mauldin, President, TC Productions

I have been privileged to work with Jim Henderson and Dynamic Sales for the last couple of years and it has been a tremendous honor to build and develop a strong business and personal relationship. It is not often that a “banker” can sit across a table for lunch and truly have a great friendship with the “customer” on the other side. Jim is genuine – a real down to earth man who has a passion for his business, his customers, his employees, his family and his God. I look forward to working together for many, many years to come!

— Mark A. Hollander, Vice President, UMB Bank

NFIB would like to congratulate Dynamic Sales for fifty years of service to its customers and the community. As a 46 year NFIB member, I would also like thank Dynamic Sales for being a supporter and leader for all small business owners. The Henderson family have long realized that a high tide lifts all ships. On numerous occasions, they have stepped up and provided insight on just how a law or regulation would impact their company or the small business community as a whole. The staff and membership of the National Federation of Independent Business would like to celebrate the success of Dynamic Sales and wish them a bright and prosperous future.

— Brad Jones, NFIB Missouri State Director

While I would like to say many things regarding Dynamic Sales Company to describe my experience with Jim and his staff over the years, I thought I would focus in on two words that best describe our relationship. Partnership. Loyalty. In an ever changing and diverse market place, partnership and loyalty are often cast aside in favor of selfishness and price. While many may consider these values to be outdated, I find it both refreshing and rare to have relationships like this and look forward to our interactions in the coming years. It’s quite obvious why Dynamic Sales Company is celebrating their 50th year in business and I wish them luck as they enter into the next 50 years.

— Tim Cosumano, Simpson Strong Tie

Congratulations to Dynamic Sales Co for 50 years in business! I’ve enjoyed my relationship with Jim and his team over the years, and appreciate their loyalty and friendship. Their commitment to their customers is second to none, and their professionalism in all aspects is admired. Simpson Strong Tie is fortunate to have Dynamic Sales Co as a partner, and is looking forward to 50 more years. Congratulations all.

— Nick Algya, Sales Manager, Simpson Strong Tie

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Your advice on a few accounts to call on in the St Louis market were critical in starting up this new territory several years ago. Thanks for your support

— Richard Munder, Linzer Products Corp, National Sales Manager

Congratulations to Dynamic for celebrating 50 years in business.  Dynamic was one of the founding companies of STAFDA and Wayne Henderson's positive energy helped STAFDA get off the ground 40 years ago and obviously that same energy got Dynamic off to its start which led to decades of success. Congrats as you reflect on the past 50 years and all the best as you press onto the next 50!

— Georgia Foley, Executive Director, STAFDA 

Dynamic Sales is living proof that the American Dream is still alive. I have had the privilege and honor to work with this great company for the past 10 years and their passion for life and business continues to inspire me. Honesty and integrity have always been the core of our relationship and partnership with this great company. Congratulations on this amazing milestone and we look forward to many more great years ahead. Congratulations and God Bless.

— Jared Carter, Vice President – Sales, Edge Eyewear I Edge Tactical

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of doing business with Dynamic Sales Company, Inc. on behalf of Makita USA, Inc. My use of the word ‘pleasure’ is a sincere & accurate choice, not just a commonly used cliché… in this particular case! The Honesty, Integrity, Respect & Straight-Forward Nature that they inject into & constantly exhibit in their business dealings are very admirable traits that make it a real pleasure to do business with them. On behalf of myself & Makita USA, I’d like to commend & congratulate Dynamic Sales Company on their Milestone 50th Anniversary! Additionally, we wish them all the best in the future!

— Tague D. Damberg, District Sales Manager, Makita USA, Inc.

I read recently that only 5% of family owned businesses make it to their 50th anniversary. Can you believe it? Only 5%! It doesn’t surprise me that Dynamic Sales Company, Inc is celebrating its 50th anniversary though. In the 15 years that I have dealt with Jim Henderson I have observed a company that thrives on the quality of their product and the integrity of their people. They are proud of where they have been and seem excited about where they are going. In every interaction with Jim I can see how much he cares about his employees and his customers. He is a kind and honest man who is the very definition of salt and light to the people around him. Congratulations to everyone at Dynamic Sales! I am celebrating with you this year and predict many many more successful years ahead.

— Linda Greathouse, Halo Branded Solutions

Dynamic sales has been our customer since September 2007. Our experience with Dynamic Sales is excellent. They look for quality which eventually benefit the customers, not just price. We really appreciate their business and look forward to many more years to come. Thank you!

— Ken Okada, Miyanaga America Corp.