True partnerships with our core line of manufacturers ensure quality products that are stocked and readily available from manufacturers that understand our principles of Service, Quality, Commitment and Integrity.

Key Supply Partners

Allison Abrasives

Abrasive Cutting Wheels

Drilling / Threading / Machining / Driving / Shop Aids / Chemicals

Premium Eye Protection

Abrasives Solutions

Premium Portable Lighting

Paint Brushes / Rollers / Frames

Valves / Fittings / Clamps for Hose / Pipe / Tube

Bandsaw Blades / Hole Saws Recip Blades / Hacksaw Blades

PPE Supplies

Anchoring & Fastening Systems

Welding Protection

Annular Cutters / Magnetic Drills

Electrical Cords & Temp Lighting

US Made Hand Tools

Additional Supply Partners


Diamond Cutting Products

Tapes & Adhesives

Indestructible Hammers

Chemicals / Greases



Chain Products / Accessories

Hydraulic Rams / Accessories

Hanging Systems

Air & Shop Tools

Chain Products / Accessories


Brooms / Brushes / Handles

Electric / Battery Tools

Punches / Chisels / Prybars

Fittings / Tools / Straps

Specialty Drilling Solutions

Caulking Tools

Rail Construction & MOW Tools


Spray Paints

Chemical Sprays

Welding Accesoriess

Marking Products